Best plants for cleaning indoor air

Indoor air pollution is an often overlooked problem.  The buildings we live in are energy efficient, trapping cold air or warm air inside when we turn on the AC or heater.  This lack of air flow from the outside air causes pollution to build up inside our home and work.  This cause varies health issues for anyone staying inside those buildings.  Furniture, building materials, beauty products, cleaning products, etc contains chemicals that contribute to indoor air pollution.

Fortunately for us, there are many common household plants that work hard to filter toxins from the air.  NASA researchers set out to find a way to purify the air in space stations.  They find that some plants are more efficient at cleaning the air than others.  In addition to cleaning the air, plants also help maintain humidity levels, produce negative ions, increase mood and productivity, enhance concentration and memory, and reduce stress and fatigue and beautify the home.

Before you go and fill up your house full of plants, consider if they are compatible with your family if you have pets and children.  Many plants can be toxic to cats, dogs, and children.  Place the plants out of reach so children can not access and digest soil and fertilizers from the pot.

The diagram below shows common indoor toxins and the plants that filter them.  Snake plants, peace lilies, and chrysanthemums, filter the most type of toxic chemicals from the air.  They are also very easy to care for.  Keep in mind that chrysanthemums work best when they have flowers.  You can plant them in the garden after flowering and replace it with another flowering pot inside the home from your local garden center.

Remember to take care of your plants and your plants will take care of you and your family for years to come.